Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Springtime is growing time

By Donna Darby-Walthall, Trigard Burial Vaults Chief Financial Officer

When Spring arrives, I think of farmers getting in the field and planting their crops. I am kind of envious of them. Why? Each year, they get to start fresh. If last year’s crops didn’t grow as well as expected, they farmers get a chance to replant and try again this year. 

Yes, I realize that it isn’t that easy and there is a lot more to farming than just replanting, but I hope you get my point. We as burial and urn vault manufacturers don’t get to plant a fresh crop and start over every year. We must keep what we have, while growing new business. Our success must be continual.  

What is your definition of success? How are you maintaining? When I think of success, a few words and phrase come to mind. 
  • New ideas
  • Don’t be afraid
  • Believe in what you do
  • Be professional
  • You must spend money to make money
  • Communicate
  • Set and work towards goals
These are just a few things that I associate with success.  As we begin as new Spring, join us as we look for ways to stay successful. Now is the time to regenerate! 

At Trigard, we offer a wonderful opportunity for growth - Trigard University. It includes an agenda and tools to help vault dealers and funeral home customers grow business. Now is a great time to reserve your spot for Trigard University. It is one of the most unique and talked-about activities that we do at Trigard. I promise; it is a trip well spent. 

So as we begin Spring 2017, my wish for you is continued success! I know that we all must work on maintaining and growing. Let’s make it a priority. Let’s so it together!