Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Introducing new Applique choices for Trigard burial and cremation vaults

To help you better address the growing trend in personalized memorials, Trigard has added new Applique options for burial and cremation urn vaults, making graveside and committal services unique and personal.

NEW IMAGES: We’ve add 3 new photo backgrounds: a basketball court, a sky that is bright blue and a sky with a cloud shaped like a cross. Each one is an ideal backdrop for a portrait photograph.

BLENDED IMAGES: We now offer the blending of two background photos into one. Imagine the duck and deer backgrounds together for a hunter, or the cornfield and flag blended together for a farmer.

EMBLEMS: The possibilities seem limitless with our new emblems, celebrating the hobbies, careers and passions of a loved one. These emblems can be beautifully incorporated into any Applique, ranging from a simple background to a full collage.

To learn more about our personalized Appliques, call the Trigard marketing team at 800-637-1992.

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