Monday, September 12, 2016

Why it's important to make time to give back

By Rich Darby
Trigard Chief Operating Officer

Do you give back? In this fast-paced, dog-eat-dog, try-to-get-ahead-of-the-next-guy world, giving of your time and energy seems impossible, doesn’t it? It is so easy to say, “I can’t because I don’t have time.” If you are this person you may want to rethink your thinking. I have one suggestion for you… MAKE TIME.

You’ll discover that giving your time and talents can be a wonderful stress reliever in your day-to-day whirlwind. There is nothing more satisfying than working for a cause. Whether it’s coaching your child’s sports team, volunteering at church or becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister, giving back will be more satisfying than your paying job. 

Do you wonder why that is? I think I have figured it out. I truly believe the satisfaction comes from the fact that giving back is something we CHOOSE to do. Our job is something we MUST do. Now don’t get me wrong; I love going to work. It energizes me, satisfies me, challenges me and rewards me. But giving back completes me. 

When my time comes and I am nothing but a memory, I want my legacy to be that I made a difference in someone’s life. I don’t want my legacy to be about how many businesses we owned or how many awards I have won. I want my legacy to be that Rich Darby walked this earth and that this was his contribution to the world – the sweat equity involved in giving back. 

Our family has always been taught to give back. It started with my grandparents and parents. It continues with me and my siblings. Now, our children are getting involved in our community and giving back.

We own and operate more than 10 different businesses. Wouldn’t it be easy to say we don’t have time? Well here is the real answer:
  • My oldest sister Karen is co-chair of a local business networking group in Sun City West, AZ.
  • Next, my sister Donna volunteers at Camp Healing Heart, a camp for grieving children.
  • My sister Linda is co-chair of the Have the Talk of a Lifetime campaign, a national cause to help the funeral industry as a whole.
  • I am president of Operation Honor Guard, an organization that raises money and supports honor guards nationwide.
  • My brother Scott is involved in a choir in Phoenix, AZ that travels and brings joy to many lives by his singing talent.
Are you reading this and struggling with the question, “Do I really have time to give back?” Again, I will reiterate that you need to make time. It will be the most rewarding and fulfilling part of your day. Thanks for reading! 

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