Monday, August 22, 2016

“Your company is only as good as your leadership”

By Linda Darby, Chief Executive Officer

Our management team just attended The Global Leadership Summit which was offered through Willow Creek Church in the Chicago Area. This is the second year our team has been able to participate in this Summit. 

This program always exceeds my expectations! I just loved to be able to take our management team to an event of this caliber. The Summit was simulcasted to different churches (and most recently to our local prison) in the United States and Globally as well. The tag they used when promoting the program this year was “Everyone Wins When a Leader Gets Better.” Stop to think about what that means for a minute…. ok, your minute is up for you Millennials! 

Pastor Bill Hybels’ opening statement was “Your company is only as good as your leadership.” 
That, my friends, is a powerful statement.  I can promise you this series of speakers challenged me and our team of leaders to truly look at ourselves and what we do when leading our company together.  Our hearts' desire is to be the best partner to our clients, employees, vendors and community. (Read more about our mission statement.)

This summit truly gave us the opportunity to “fill our cup.” What are you doing in your organization to grow your leadership team? 

I will close the article with one lasting impact statement John C. Maxwell shared with us, “Intentionally add value to people every day.” That, my friends will make a difference in our families, our businesses and our world. 

Want to learn more? Check out these resources from this year's Summit and free videos from last year's Summit

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