Monday, August 8, 2016

Need sales help? Gamble on yourself!

By Jeff Miller, Trigard Vice President of Business Development

I’m a betting man. I’ll show you.

I bet you’re busy. I bet that the simple act of running your business consumes most – if not all – of your time. I bet you’d like to grow your business, but it’s hard finding time to make sales calls. I bet you’d like to have a dedicated sales team, but can’t find the time or budget to build one. So, did I win the bets?

Let’s make one more bet… I bet I know the perfect sales person for your company. You!

Yes, I know for business owners like you, who work directly in the day-to-day operation of the business, it seems impossible to find time to dedicate to sales. However, you may be surprised.

Give it one day. 
As a starting point, dedicate one day each month to the sales growth of your business. After all, there is no one better than you to pitch to prospective customers. Who better to follow up with current clients? You’ll love the response you will receive when you show up at their place of business. Use these meetings to discuss the marketplace and share your thoughts with owners and managers.  It will prove to be very productive.

Still not convinced that you can break away for a day? With some simple planning, your routine operations will run without you for a day or two each month. This occasional absence also gives others in your company the opportunity to step up. It will help make better team players.

You are probably the most reliable, experienced and trusted sales person you know, so consider hiring yourself for this very important role. I think I’m making a safe bet when I say, “You will do a great job. You’ll thoroughly enjoy the experience and love the long-term results!”

Feel free to call me at 800-637-1992 to discuss this approach and share your thoughts about filling the all-important salesperson role.

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