Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Can you guess our favorite part of the ICCFA Convention?

Every expo that we attend is another opportunity for our Marketing team to shine. Our job is to design a booth experience that attracts attendees and provides points of conversation for people to learn - or learn more - about what we do and how we can help them grow. Each booth is special and memorable, but this year's ICCFA Convention and Expo booth was one for the books.

We had the very special opportunity to use the booth space to tell the story of the Darby family business to help celebrate Big Jim receiving the ICCFA Educational Foundation's Lasting Impact Award this year. Each ICCFA attendee received a digital copy of Big Jim's book, "No one looks up to a grave digger: a memoir." (You can download your own copy here.)

But the best way to sum up the experience is to hear it in Big Jim's own words. Click the picture below to watch his rousing acceptance speech.

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