Friday, March 18, 2016

Is it time to change your presentation style?

Jeff Miller,
Vice President of
Business Development
Every professional, regardless of their choice of profession, develops a presentation style early on in their career. This can be how you share information with a customer or the tools you use to sell products and merchandise. This style is more than likely the result of a combination of factors, including formal education, shadowing a mentor, personal preference and market conditions. For those of us who developed ours many years ago, we must ask the question, “Does my presentation style need to be adjusted to meet today’s consumer?”

I am sure the majority of us can agree that times have changed, and so have the consumer’s demands and expectations. When I started in this industry, a funeral arrangement typically consisted of the scheduling of service times and presenting and selling of merchandise. It was a repetitive and predictable process.

Today, families have so many options, they don’t know what they want for their loved one. As cremation rates increase and the industry continues to change, so should our presentation styles. So what do we need to do? As funeral professionals trying to help the families we serve, we need to simply listen. We need to listen to the family in their time of need and give them what they need.

When you change your presentation style by really listening to the families you serve, you will have more satisfied families. And, when you have satisfied families, you more than likely will have better profits. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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