Monday, February 29, 2016

Look at your products with new eyes

Scott Darby,
Media Manager,
Camino del Sol Funeral
Chapel and Cremation Center
Have you met Scott Darby? He is the newest member of the Darby family to join the funeral industry, and he is the Media Manager at Camino del Sol in Arizona.

Since Scott joined the team, it has given me an opportunity to look at our products with new eyes. I have been looking at them from a different view and really seeing the value they offer to the families we serve.

Karen Darby-Ritz,
Advance Planning Manager,
Camino del Sol Funeral Chapel
and Cremation Center
As we worked our way through our products discussing ways we can incorporate them into Arizona’s 65% plus cremation market, we fell upon the Healing Tree®. Before our conversation, I hadn't given much thought to how effective the Healing Tree ceremony truly is, and how easy it is to incorporate the urn vault into our product selection.

By simply reading a poem at the graveside and asking the family to take a Memory Ring® from a beautifully handcrafted Remembrance Bowl as a keepsake, you are giving family and friends the opportunity to participate in the celebration of their loved one's life. This interactive ceremony helps start their journey to healthy healing.

If you have questions about the Healing Tree or any of our products, please give Customer Service a call at 800.637.1992.

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