Friday, February 5, 2016

Calling all MacGyvers!

Ethan Darby,
Director of Business
For those of you who know the Darby family, you know that a few of us were blessed with rather large ears. We joke around about it pretty frequently. We say we're better listeners because of our sizable hearing appendages. But in all seriousness, we do take a lot of pride in our ability to listen.

The more of our vault dealers I meet, the more amazed I am by your ingenuity. You can create a new tool or process to solve anything. I have seen some of these MacGyver-type fixes on Trigard products. In some cases, we don’t know there is a problem. But, you, our vault dealers, use our products every day. So, when something doesn’t work, let us know. We are always listening and committed to continuous improvement. For example, we recently made three improvements to the Aegean® burial vault liners to improve the fit and finish of this very popular product.

We heard that: 
  • Our jumbo butyl tape didn’t make enough contact with the side of the lid grooves 
  • The Healing Tree® and flat carapaces required a lot of caulk to fit on the cover
  • There was a gap in the cover insert causing concrete to leak during curing
So we: 
  • Changed the profile of the tape
  • Lengthened both of these carapaces for a better fit 
  • Lengthened the insert to create a more attractive seal
This message doesn’t only apply to vault dealers. If you are a funeral home or cemetery that uses Trigard burial vaults and urn vaults, share your ideas with your vault dealer and they will pass on the message.

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