Monday, December 7, 2015

Making the graveside personal

Angel Jett,
Graphic Designer
This year as I plan and shop for holiday gifts for my family and friends, I find myself getting stumped. Is this candle too generic or is it my friend's favorite scent? Will my dad remember this drill bit set or will it be added to the pile of other tools? Gifting items with personal meaning can seem stressful, but we want to bring joy into our loved ones' lives and show them we care.

When we celebrate the life of a family’s loved one, it’s an opportunity to do the same. Maybe the casket and flowers are pink because it was Grandma's favorite color. Or, maybe the burial vault is decorated with a military emblem to honor an uncle's dedication to serving our country. But there is one more way to create an additional level of personalization.

As a graphic designer at Trigard, I have the honor of creating personal, custom Appliqués for families across the country. When a family shares their vision for an Applique, it is so much more than just photos and words; it's a heartfelt tribute to their loved one’s life and we hope family and friends are delighted when they see the final work of art at the graveside.

You can add even more personalization to an Appliqué by:

  1. Choosing the right photo. We encourage families to take the time to go through cherished photos to choose the perfect image for the Appliqué. Or they can even choose a few special images to create a collage for the background. Though it may be an emotional time, revisiting those photographs will bring back so many memories to help them as they begin to heal.
  2. Personalizing it with their name. Once the a background image is chosen from their personal photo collection or from our always growing library, adding the loved one’s name and dates can be a powerful way to make it even more unique.
  3. Picking a special quote or phrase. Families can also choose to include an inspirational quote or phrase on the Appliqué. Whether it was something their loved one always said or their favorite scripture, including it in the design can be a way to leave a meaningful thought with family and friends at the service.
  4. Writing a farewell note. Sometimes, families choose to write a message on the vault or Appliqué at the graveside service. This is a unique way for them to begin their healing journey.

The marketing team and I would love to help you bring to life the vision of the families you serve. Even if you’ve got a time crunch, as long as we have all of the materials by noon CST, you can rest assured you will receive the Appliqué in 24 hours, just email all the details to

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