Friday, November 6, 2015

Are you creating personal relationships with your customers?

Jeff Miller,
Vice President of
Business Development
Do your customers only know your “professional personality?” Or do they only see you in a suit and tie or work uniform? Even though having a strong professional appearance is important for your relationship with your customers, showing your personal side is valuable too.

When you are a Trigard customer, you are part of the family and we will treat you as such. We try to find every opportunity to get to know you and your company on a more personal level. Don’t know where to start building your more personal relationships? Well, the holidays are right around the corner. Invite your customers for a holiday gathering or take them to dinner. This is the perfect time of year to start deepening your relationships. Strengthening personal relationships with customers will enable you to more easily accomplish business objectives with them as well.

There are other options as well. If your customers only see you at the grave site as a vault dealer or at the funeral home as a funeral director, then try changing your routine and getting out into your community. Volunteer at your local food bank or hold a community event. Whatever you decide to do, be yourself and have some fun with your customers.

If you want to share your ideas for connecting with your customers, I am always interested in hearing about them. Just email me at

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