Friday, October 9, 2015

What makes you most proud?

Patrick Lewis,
Sunset Memorial Park,
Grounds Manager
When visiting a cemetery, many families assume their funeral director or someone from the cemetery sales staff will be the ones to help them around the grounds. But, more often than not, when a family needs to find their loved one in the cemetery or needs help with the vase in their memorial at Sunset Memorial Park, my team and I are the ones who help them.

As  Grounds Manager, I don’t always get a lot of face time with the families we serve because the grounds crew and I usually work “behind the scenes.” A typical day for us is spent mowing, tending to our memorials or doing something else in the park. While working, we have encountered a number of first-time visitors. Some have just lost their loved ones and some are just coming to terms with the loss. They finally feel comfortable enough to visit their loved one's resting place. And, my crew and I are there to help them locate their loved one and continue the healing process.

If I have learned one thing over the years, it is that all people grieve differently. And, it is our job as funeral and memorialization professionals to guide them and help them through their journey. Even though I don’t always see the families we serve, I care about them and want to help them when I can. So, when they need me, I will be there to help them.

I am proud to work “behind the scenes.” What are you most proud of?

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