Friday, October 30, 2015

Life celebrations are back, back again.

Karen Darby-Ritz,
Advanced Planning Manager,
Camino del Sol Funeral
Chapel and Cremation Center
Recently, a lot of funeral publications have been talking about life celebrations being a big part of our industry again, and I am stoked. Families are once again seeing the value in celebrating their loved ones’ lives.

Didn’t George Santayana say, “Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it?” Maybe, it is because those who remember how beneficial a life celebration was to the grieving process are starting to preplan their own final wishes. Maybe our society is learning about healthy healing. We have the tragedies, place them behind us and move on to a new day. A day that recognizes the joy alongside the sorrow at a life celebration. A day that recognizes the support given to family members by those who attend the celebration.

In my years of preplanning final wishes for families, I have educated hundreds of people about healthy healing and informed them that their wishes are only limited by their imaginations. Because, as funeral professionals, it is our job to make sure families honor their loved ones appropriately. We make their wishes come to life.

If we give each family we meet their understanding of a life celebration and bring their vision to life, then we will be successful. We will beat anything that stands in our way.

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