Friday, October 2, 2015

Are you writing this down?

Ethan Darby,
Director of Business
When you are standing in your manufacturing plant, how often does someone come up with a brilliant idea? I can't tell you how many times a week it happens at our plant. We are constantly hearing remarks, such as "You know, I'm sure we would be much more efficient if we moved those two stations closer together," or "What if we invoiced our customers through email instead of post mail?" Everyone looks at each other and nods their heads, and then what happens? Nothing.

Why is that?

Every company has problems, and I truly believe they can often be solved by a simple process change. The good thing is you and your employees know how to solve the problems. The bad thing is no one is implementing them. So, if we have the answers, why are we battling the same problems for months and even years at a time when we have the solution right in front of us? The answer is organization and planning. And, I have a simple solution for you, write it down. The next time someone in your company has a brilliant idea, write it down and save it somewhere. I suggest a document on a computer that can be easily accessed.

It does take time and energy to implement a solution. So, you have to carefully choose a problem to solve when the time is right. If you notice things have slowed down a bit, refer to your to-do list and see what the most feasible change you can make at that time is. I suggest sorting the to-do list into sections, such as high effort/high impact or low effort/high impact. This will help you prioritize and decide which problem to tackle first.

Our day-to-day routines are easy. Change is hard. But, organization and prioritization can help you see what is up ahead, as well as what has worked in the past. I encourage you to start a to-do list and see where it takes you.

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