Friday, September 4, 2015

A funeral director's view of Trigard Convention

Drew Edwards,
General Manager,
Sunset Funeral Home
Last month, I attended Trigard Convention in Indianapolis. As General Manager of Sunset Funeral Home, I usually only attend the conventions that are held in the home office of Danville, Illinois, but since it was so close, we made an exception.

During my 22 year career as a funeral director, Trigard is the only burial vault brand I have ever sold. I might be biased, but I truly believe that the Aegean® is the best burial vault ever made. And, by attending this year’s convention, I confirmed my assumptions. In Indianapolis, I saw that the Trigard dealer network is more than burial vaults. I don’t only buy Trigard brand products because of the product. I buy them because the dealers are a group of individuals who truly care about their businesses, the families they serve and even the industry.

For those of you that were able to attend, I want you to know it was an honor to spend those few days with you. It reaffirmed my dedication to Trigard, and I understand why we continue to grow in such a competitive market. I learned so much in those three short days. I learned that it isn’t about the concrete, the liner or the mold. It’s about the people that represent this great brand all across the country.

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