Monday, August 31, 2015

What happened at Trigard Synergy Convention?

What happens when Trigard vault dealers gather from across the country for three days of learning, networking and exchanging ideas? Great things happen. Synergies form. Everyone gets better.

Two weeks ago, we held the 2015 Trigard Dealer Convention in Indianapolis. Now that we've had a little time to settle back into our regular routines, we're confident that it was a great investment of everyone's time. 100% of attendees said that they were able to connect with other dealers and exchange ideas. But beyond the new information and connections, our dealers told us how much they appreciated the positive atmosphere.

With so much negativity, doom and gloom, and fear buzzing because of the shifting landscape of our industry, Trigard Convention was a bright spot for everyone who attended. But we didn't want to "blow smoke" and make false promises. During the three days, we took a hard look at the challenges facing our industry, but instead of shaking our heads and resigning ourselves, we put our heads together and presented our best ideas for navigating the years ahead.

We'll be recapping these sessions during the next three weeks right here in Trigard Tuesdays. As we said during the convention, we all want to grow. By helping each other and sharing our best ideas, we all get stronger.

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