Thursday, July 2, 2015

Positive attitudes fuel success

Jeff Miller,
Vice President of
Business Development
Let’s face it. We’re all wired differently and view things differently. But, in the professional world, whether you feel the glass is half full or the glass is half empty can greatly determine your level of success or lack thereof. Optimistic people typically have an advantage on those in business who opt to think negatively. We all have a few clients that tend to always think the sky is falling. They tend to operate with an attitude that frankly drains their energy and ability to succeed.

I believe optimism and positive attitudes definitely are contagious and fuel success. Next time you are with a client, colleague or business associate who seems to focus on the “glass is half empty” approach, make a point to turn them in a more positive direction.

Often times in our profession, we will talk about how the business has changed. We will talk about the fact that cremation is growing and less families are choosing funerals and memorial services. And, in situations like this, it is important to respectfully speak up and bring the positivity back to the conversation. For instance, I was recently at a training session with a group of funeral directors. During the session, it became very obvious that one of the directors had a “glass is bone dry” perspective on the information being discussed. He was self-defeated and convinced that our “best days” were far behind. Going out on a limb and taking a bit of a risk, I switched gears and addressed his beliefs and opted to share my own. At the same time, I tried to motivate the others in the room to start a more positive conversation. Some may call it aggressive behavior, however, we drew him back into the fold and convinced him to think more positively. Doing nothing would have enabled him to drain the positive energy from the room and the ability for us to have a successful training session.

I believe that if we take a step back, re-focus and surround ourselves with the positive, energetic people, our best days are ahead of us. I challenge you to speak up and spread optimistic and positive thoughts about the future of our industry. It can only lead to success.

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