Friday, July 10, 2015

How to negotiate without confrontation

Stuart McDaniels,
Materials Manager
Negotiation can be a scary proposition to a lot of people. For some it comes naturally, but for others it can feel awkward, intimidating and maybe a little confrontational. Whether we realize it or not, if we interact with others frequently we may be negotiating more than we appreciate. Maybe you’ve had a recent discussion with your significant other about what’s for dinner, or maybe you worked out a deal with your child over television times versus bed times, or even perhaps you talked your way out of a speeding ticket at one time or another. These situations all involve a measure of negotiation. It’s likely you solved these issues by coming to some sort of agreement without confrontation.

In order to avoid an uncomfortable or confrontational negotiation, try approaching it as joint problem solving instead. If you actually approach a negotiation as a confrontation it will likely be confrontational.  Instead, focus on finding a creative solution and not on what either of you will have to give up. You obviously don’t want to be a complete pushover during the process though so keep in mind that joint problem solving includes your needs as well. This viewpoint can make negotiation a little less intimidating if it’s something that makes you uncomfortable.

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