Friday, June 5, 2015

Teach families the difference

Julia Sullivan,
Creative Director
I recently heard about a cemetery that was sued when a woman discovered that her loved one had been buried in an outer burial container with holes in the bottom. Even without being there, you and I know that it was most likely a concrete box (described as a “grave liner”), and she might have even been told that it was required by the cemetery. But that’s likely where the conversation ended.

I don’t know the details of the conversations that were had, but I know that the family is upset, the cemetery is stressed and the media is involved. All of it could have been prevented with a one-minute conversation.

I think about the number of families across the country who have chosen a concrete box instead of a lined, sealed burial vault. I realize it can be because of financial reasons, which I respect and can sympathize with. But how many families end up with a concrete box with holes in the bottom because they didn't understand the difference?

Make sure this never happens to a family you serve.

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