Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Why does it matter where you buy?

Stuart McDaniels,
Purchasing Manager

Everyone knows that Walmart has a great amount of purchasing power. This gives them better pricing, payment terms and other conditions for all of the products they purchase and then resell to us, their consumers. No matter what you may think of Walmart, the truth is that they are the largest discount retailer in the world. In my opinion, that is mainly due to their overwhelming purchasing power along with their willingness to pass these savings on to their customers. 

Walmart gets a better
deal on shampoo from
the manufacturer than
you or I ever could
For example, neither you nor I would be able to purchase, say, a bottle of shampoo directly from the manufacturer for anywhere near what we can just by walking into a Walmart and picking it off the shelf. Plus, imagine the chaos and the costs involved to the manufacturer if they sold individual bottles of shampoo to each of the millions of customers who may wish to purchase one at a time. Instead, they sell truckloads of shampoo to Walmart at a much better price, and let them handle the individual transactions. 

On our own, customers would not even come close to being able to exercise the same amount of purchasing power as they can when buying through Walmart. However, it’s not all one-sided. Without so many customers, Walmart would quickly lose the purchasing power they have.
The same is true at Trigard. We harness the volume of all of our customers to get the best value on our purchases. Then we pass that value on to you. In short, if we save, you save. It’s really that simple. 

So if you’re a vault dealer buying small orders of form oil, seal groove cleaner, paint or glue from somewhere else, I’d like you to really crunch the numbers to see how much you could save by switching over to buying from us. It might just be a lower freight cost at first, but the more dealers who buy from us, the more purchasing power we’ll have. And I promise to pass that savings on to you.

If you’re a funeral home, are you buying infant/child casket vaults from someone other than your vault dealer? Talk to your Trigard dealer about the price of those items and see how much savings you can find.

In the end, it’s a win for all of us.
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