Friday, February 20, 2015

What can we learn from the big game?

Brodie Krause,
IT Manager
What do you do when faced with a difficult decision? Do you look things over and jump on new opportunities? Or, do you keep your head down and continue to do “what you have always done?”

As a Chicago Bears fan, I didn’t have a whole lot invested in the outcome of the Super Bowl this year (or any year for that matter) but with 20 seconds left, I found myself jumping off the couch in a flourish of nachos and popcorn. For whatever reason, the Seattle Seahawks chose to have quarterback, Russell Wilson, ignore logic and throw the ball on second and goal from the one-yard line. The New England Patriots rookie, Malcom Butler, saw it happen, reached out and snagged himself a piece of football history.

Imagine for a moment that Butler had been a step too slow, or perhaps had seen the opportunity, but chose not to go for it? The news reports would have been quite a bit different. Instead of all this talk about Seattle’s poor play-calling, the media would instead have been lifting the Seahawks coaching staff up as brilliant.

Much can be learned from this situation.  For one, we learn from Seattle to weigh our options carefully, but to take the occasional risk. It may pay off.  From Butler, we learn to be vigilant, to watch for opportunities as they come our way and to spring to action and seize them when they do.

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