Friday, January 16, 2015

People make the world go 'round

Drew Edwards,
General Manager,
Sunset Funeral Home
Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Illinois Inauguration. Illinois welcomed a number of new faces into office, including a new Governor.

As you all know, the State of Illinois has had its share of troubles, and has one of the highest debts in the nation. It was intriguing to see the enthusiasm and energy that the people of Illinois were showing for their new leadership. If you think about it, the problems that existed in Illinois before the inauguration are the same problems that will exist after the new leadership has been sworn in, correct?

Although many of you offer strong burial vaults, beautiful facilities and even modern vehicles, do you think that the products are what make your business successful? The difference, my friends, is in the people.

My challenge to you in 2015 is to invest in the people who make your business work. Without great employees, there is not a business out there that will succeed in today’s economy. Consider investing in your people and bringing back the enthusiasm and personal touch that your customers deserve.

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