Friday, December 5, 2014

Does the logo really matter?

Julia Sullivan,
Creative Director
Take a look around your facility. Does anything have the Trigard logo on it? Is it the blue logo or is it maroon? Either way it says Trigard, but did you know that having the right logo really makes a difference?

You are very important to Trigard’s brand. The Trigard brand is used in advertising, on vehicles, on websites, on signs, on business cards and even through word of mouth. Every time we share something about Trigard, it’s an opportunity to build the reputation of our brand, our dealers, our customers and our products.

When someone is searching for more information about Trigard and finds your information, what do they see? Does it match our other branding? Is the information current?

Logos evolve. Take Ford’s logo, for example. It has changed drastically since the company began. Would you know what to expect from Ford if they still used one of their outdated logos? Even if you remember one of their older logos, more than likely you connect their current logo with the modern Ford brand you know and trust.

The Trigard logo has evolved, too. If you are still using an older generation of the logo, now is the time to modernize. Contact our Customer Service team, and we’ll send you a FREE CD with a copy of our current logo and all of our current vault images.

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