Friday, December 12, 2014

Do you believe in what we do?

Linda Darby-Dowers,
Chief Executive Officer
At Trigard, we offer funeral professionals an educational program we call Trigard University to give them a feel for what we do. We invite members of our profession from across the country to tour our manufacturing facilities, learn different marketing techniques, visit our funeral homes and participate in many other educational activities.

Often times when I am speaking with a group visiting our program, I will ask the question, “Do you believe in what we do?” I feel like this is a very important question to ask, especially the younger generation. If we don’t believe in what we do, then how are the families we serve supposed to believe as well?

After asking that question, it is interesting to see the facial expressions. Most often they say yes, however, there have been a few who I can tell are contemplating their answer. When I see a concerned face in the crowd, I tell them that people can tell if they believe in what they do or not. We are a very privileged industry. We help people at one of the worst times in their lives. We provide products and services to help get them through it so healing can begin. If you aren't quite sure if you are a believer or not, please take the time to figure out how to solve this problem. The families we serve are counting on us to believe in what we do.

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