Monday, November 10, 2014

Stay educated and get involved

Blake Swinford,
Project Manager
How often do you leave the office to learn and connect with other people in our industry? Are you involved with regional, state or national organizations? I think one reason a lot of us are afraid of change is that we don’t make the time to refresh our knowledge and get involved.

At Trigard, we offer an educational program called Trigard University. It includes an agenda committed to helping vault dealers and their funeral home customers by handing over the tools needed to make their companies succeed in today's competitive environment. In just a few days at Trigard University, you can learn new ways to make a positive impact on your business that could last for years.

The curriculum is tailored to your specific needs, which can include:
  • A brief history of how Trigard got started
  • A lesson on the tools proven to help you sell the products that your family deserves
  • An in-depth tour of our manufacturing facility
  • A tour of one of our many funeral homes – where we test our own products
  • A few minutes with our pre-need manager on how to grow your business
Many organizations across our industry offer many opportunities to get involved, but one close to my heart is NCBVA. The National Concrete Burial Vault Association acts a single voice for all burial vault manufacturers, regardless of product brand. They offer training, membership and certification opportunities all year round and once a year they hold their Annual National Diversification Convention. This year it will be held February 13 – 15, 2015, in St. Petersburg, Florida.

I encourage you to get out of the office and take advantage of the educational and professional opportunities available to you.

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