Friday, November 21, 2014

Are your goals set for 2015?

Jeff Miller,
Vice President of
Business Development
As we near the holiday season and the beginning of a new year, it's the perfect time to begin planning goals for 2015. Whether you’re a vault dealer, funeral home or cemetery, setting goals is an all-too-familiar task. How many of our goals are realistic and attainable? Sometimes, we can set them too high, which makes them impossible to reach. 

A great way to begin planning and setting goals for 2015 is to sit down with key people within your own business. They can help narrow your thoughts and help you establish:
  1. what is most important to accomplish
  2. a working plan and strategy
  3. who is responsible for fulfilling the goal
  4. who is managing the follow-up
It’s important to set goals and strategies to accomplish them so we don’t fall back into our daily routines and watch the market change around us. Don’t worry if you don’t accomplish every goal on the first try. When we work towards a goal, we continue to focus on our business and the changing market place. This may require several attempts, but over time, a well-managed plan will pay dividends. 

At Trigard, our goals for 2015 include continuing on our path of growth, continuing to support our dealers, and focusing on new account opportunities. I would love to hear your goals and strategies for 2015. Email me at

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