Friday, October 17, 2014

The helpful view of the grounds crew - Part 2

Patrick Lewis,
Grounds Manager
After getting great feedback on my last article in Trigard Tuesday about the difference between concrete boxes and lined, sealed burial vaults, I thought it would be beneficial to continue the conversation. When a family chooses a concrete box for the protection of their loved one after burial, they not only run the risk of ground water rising up through the drainage holes in the bottom. But, they also run the risk of the flat lid disintegrating and breaking down, which causes many other problems.

The lid of a concrete box is completely flat, which doesn’t allow the ground to distribute its weight proportionally across the surface. Over time, the grounds weight, as well as the weight of cemetery equipment, puts too much pressure causing the lid to crack and cave into the concrete box. This movement of the lid causes the ground to sink and move – making the cemetery grounds uneven.

In order to fix the cemetery grounds, we have to repair it by tamping or refilling the sunken area with more dirt – causing the lid to break even more. It is an endless cycle that can be prevented by encouraging the families you serve to bury their family member in a lined, sealed burial vault.

As you may know, a burial vault has an arched lid which allows it to shift the weight of the ground more proportionally than a concrete box. I understand that some families have financial limits when purchasing an outer burial container for their loved one. But for families who have the luxury of choice, they deserve to really understand the difference between a concrete box and a lined, sealed burial vault.

If you need help with the conversation, we have some helpful materials, such as a poster and a sales sheet, that do all the talking for you.

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