Friday, October 3, 2014

Importance of staying current

Jason Murphy,
Director of Family Services,
Sunset Memorial Park
When your company makes a change, how do you tell your customers? At Sunset Memorial Park, we recently updated nearly all of our brochures, disclosure forms and regulation forms to ensure we are handing out the most current information to our customers. Why is it important to do this on a regular basis?

Our industry is constantly changing and evolving. With the cremation rate on the rise, new products are frequently being introduced to the market. With current product information, we are able to show families that we offer the best products they can find. Today’s consumer has so many resources at their fingertips that you must make sure your resources appeal to them. Otherwise, they will look elsewhere.

It may seem obvious, but do your customers have all of your current procedures, rules and regulations? Whether you are a vault dealer, funeral home or cemetery, this can save your company many headaches in the future. When you make your customers aware of your rules, it helps everyone. If a problem does occur, it will give you a leg to stand on and will make it much easier for you to correct the issue.

As a cemetery or funeral home, are you staying up to date on new products? If you see something in a newsletter, magazine or online that you would like to offer, reach out to your dealer.

As a vault dealer, are you telling your customers what’s new? If you need help getting this information to your funeral home and cemetery customers, let us know. We’ll gladly help you.

Staying current on new trends in the funeral industry not only helps your bottom line, but it also helps the families you serve.

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