Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'll take traditional anytime

Rich Darby,
Chief Operating Officer
On July 26, I watched a beautiful young bride walk down the aisle of a church with every pew jam-packed. This young lady didn't choose a destination wedding. She chose a more traditional path. She chose to get married the way it has been done for many generations. 

This bride told her future husband to spend the night in a far off location to ensure that they didn't see each other before the ceremony. This bride chose to have seven bridesmaids, seven groomsmen, two junior groomsmen, a flower girl and a ring bearer. In my opinion, she did it right.

The ceremony was short, elegant and personalized. The event was customized to suit the personalities of both the bride and groom. It was an occasion that left everyone who attended walking out with a smile. There were no shortcuts, and there was nothing left out. Months and months of hard work and preparation went into this beautiful exchange of vows. This wedding was something that every little girl dreams about as she plays dress up in her room at five years old. It was a beautiful, traditional occasion.

Mr & Mrs. Ethan and
Keri Darby
As this bride, who is now my daughter-in-law, walked down the aisle towards my oldest son Ethan, his face lit up with love, joy and excitement. This day had finally come. As a proud father and as a person so engrained in funeral service, I walked out of that church on that afternoon and thought to myself, I will take traditional anytime! 

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