Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Eighth Deadly Waste

Stuart McDaniels,
Materials Manager
Anyone in the manufacturing industry should have at least some knowledge of the Seven Deadly Wastes of manufacturing. Commonly known by its acronym, T.O.M.D.W.I.P., it is a term that refers to the seven widely recognized wastes within manufacturing processes, which include transportation, overproduction, motion, defects, waiting, inventory and processing.

And the Eighth Deadly Waste, which is often overlooked and in my opinion is the most wasteful, is human potential. It results in a lot of lost opportunity. One reason it is often overlooked or ignored is that the responsibility for it results from management policies and styles that lessen employee contributions. Employees may not feel their involvement matters, so they decide to stop contributing, which results in getting less value from that employee.

As leaders of our organization, it is up to us to reengage those feeling left out. A few things to consider before approaching your co-workers:

  • Are you being less of a boss and more of a coach? It is proven that managers with strong coaching skills are more effective than those with a dictatorial leadership style.
  • Do you lack the ability to work in a team environment?
  • Are you communicating effectively? Do your employees understand the company vision well enough to implement it effectively?
I encourage you to be helpful in limiting the amount of waste present in your business and let others know you feel their involvement matters. I know it can be a challenge, but to not try is the biggest waste of all. 

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