Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Do you have enough reading material?

Julia Sullivan,
Creative Director
I don't know about you, but I know that sometimes a stack of industry publications piles up on the corner of my desk just waiting to be read. There is so much great information in them, but it's not always easy to make time to read everything.

Do you still have a copy of the April issue of The Director, NFDA's monthly magazine? How about the May/June issue of the Funeral Business Advisor? Find them, and put them on the top of your stack. Because inside you'll find great editorial articles by Rich and Linda Darby.

But what if you don't subscribe to all of the industry publications? Or can't find your copy? We are going to start adding our editorials to our blog. And, to make sure you don't miss a single article published, we'll add an alert to this newsletter when we have a new one to share.

Why do we share what we've learned? It is our goal to not only educate you, but we also want to help you grow.    

This article originally appeared in Trigard Tuesdays, our weekly electronic newsletter featuring information for the funeral industry. Sign up for your free subscription at http://www.trigard.com/tuesdays.

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