Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Are you struggling with complacency?

Ethan Darby,
Director of Business Development
 My father, Rich Darby, refers to something called the "whirlwind" quite often. He says the whirlwind is a combination of day-to-day activities, putting out fires and meeting deadlines. These are all things that get us caught up working IN our business rather than ON our business.

Some would argue that these activities are vital in keeping business afloat. I won't disagree, but these activities also lead to complacency; or rather a company full of people who are content, yet unconcerned and uneager to improve or adapt their business.

You get the bills paid and everyone is happy, but are you moving forward? In our industry today, if you aren't moving forward, you're moving backward. Everything we know about the funeral industry is changing, and if you aren't keeping up, someone else is. We can no longer afford to sit stagnant and expect our businesses to grow. We have to fight for every dollar we earn.

I challenge you to stay on your toes. Practice some reasonable paranoia. Just by reading this article, you are keeping yourself informed, which is a step in the right direction. When is the last time you tried to gain some new business? How many conventions or seminars have you been to in the past year? When was the last time you asked your supplier about new products or opportunities? Paying attention to ways to educate yourself and grow your business will keep you out of the whirlwind and avoid the "silent business killer" I call complacency.

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