Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We'll handle it!

Julia Sullivan,
Creative Director
Trigard's marketing department has been working on an upcoming guest editorial for ICCFA Magazine about what our vault dealers wish their customers better understood. It has made me begin to think about my wish list for our customers. I've realized that it all comes down to a single idea: I wish our customers knew that we'll handle it. 

When I consult with dealers about custom displays, they often see the different sections of the graphic as places to fill. They often talk about swapping out one vault product for another and are hesitant to simplify their options. I wish more of our customers would share their overall needs, then sit back and let me and my team handle the design details. I promise you'll be pleased with the results, and of course still get the final approval.

The same thing goes for custom Appliqu├ęs. We do our best work when our customers send us a handful of pictures and let us "work our magic." They are consistently delighted by the artistry of the designs that our team creates.

I often say that two of the jobs of a marketing team are to make it look easy - and to make everyone look good. I thank the customers who take full advantage of this! And if you haven't been willing to hand over the reigns before, give us a call and see how easy it can be when you let our team handle it.

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