Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Trigard Tuesdays: Community events build relationships

As business owners, we should give back and support the communities we serve.

Throughout the year, we host several customer appreciation events through our funeral homes in Danville and the surrounding areas that we serve.

Every summer we have ice cream socials and hire local talent to sing by the beautiful Swan Pond in our cemetery. We also have free hot dog luncheons with drawings and prizes. This fall, we are sponsoring a nature walk and will be serving donuts and apple cider from our local apple orchard.

We see great value in community events. Does it cost us a little bit? Sure it does, but you cannot put a price on the relationships we build.

How are you showing the community your appreciation? Post your ideas on our Facebook page.
Product spotlight: Trilogy® 
The Trilogy® is a lined, sealed burial vault with many options.
The interior liner is available with a basic textured surface, simulated wood grain, or simulated stone finish. The stone finish is available in black marble, white marble or gray granite.

You may choose from cover finishes of painted concrete, flat simulated stone, or simulated stone with a raised church window design. You can even add a custom Applique.
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