Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Are we suppliers or partners?

Jeff Miller, VP Business Development
All businesses have suppliers that sell them products. However, not all business are fortunate enough to have what they consider to be business partners.
Suppliers are typically responsible for taking orders, delivering products and handling basic customer service issues. Partners do all of that and more. They act as consultants by familiarizing themselves with their clients' businesses through regular meetings and sales calls. Partners constantly evaluate and look for ways to improve their relationships.
As a partner, it is much easier to get involved in your clients' business decisions and planning. You have earned the respect to ask the hard questions and suggest solutions. Clients trust you and are much less likely to shift business away from you versus someone who is "just a supplier."

At Trigard, we understand that partner status is earned over time. We encourage you to become a business partner with each of your customers. We assure you that our goal is to be your partner, not just your supplier.

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