Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Trigard Convention recap: Guest speaker Mike Staver

Nearly 100 Trigard dealers, vendors and guests gathered in Annapolis, Maryland, July 28 - 30, to come together to shape the strong future of Trigard. The 2013 Trigard Convention was an outstanding opportunity to gather, network and learn.

Whether you were able to attend, couldn't make the trip this year, or are an industry professional who is curious about what happened at the dealer convention this year, we are going to spend the next five weeks recapping our time in Maryland in this newsletter.

Mike Staver was our keynote speaker. He entertained, excited and challenged all attendees with his high-energy discussion about leadership. He hosted an "excuse-a-thon," soliciting excuses heard in the workplace. He turned this laundry list into a hilarious, improvised argument with imaginary children. It was easy to see that we'd never accept these as excuses from our children, but as adults, we see these as reasons we can't do our jobs well.

He challenged us all to look at our lives to identify the places where we burn energy, but we'll never get any ROI (return on investment). Burn out isn't the result of too much energy spent on something, but that there is no value or return on the effort, he explained.

He left us with a great challenge. He asked, if you were going to build a business to put yourself out of business in 6 - 9 months, what would you do? Then build it.

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