Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dealers learn about RFPs and how more choice isn't always better

Over the past three weeks, we've been recapping our 2013 Trigard Convention. This week, we'll share even more highlights from the full day of presentations.
Jeff Miller, VP of Business Development, talked with our dealers about tackling RFPs. Many dealers shared their experiences about submitting proposals and what they felt made them successful in the process. The presentation was far from a line-by-line how-to. Instead, Jeff lead a good discussion to help our entire network of dealers become more successful.
Julia Sullivan, Creative Director, wrapped up the day of presentations by talking about how we make choices. She explained that most of us as consumers believe we make rational decisions when we purchase. But she recapped three behavioral economics studies that demonstrated that the people who design the environment have more control over the outcome than we might suspect.  

In one study, people were offered samples of jam in a supermarket. When there were fewer jams to choose from, people were more likely to buy than when there were many more flavors to try. Why? Because after a certain point, it became confusing for consumers. All of the flavors started to seem very similar. So by offering fewer choices, more purchases were made.

 Julia drew a parallel to a vault display in a selection room. While we may want to show every option available to families, by showcasing a select few choices,
we help prevent families from feeling overwhelmed by the choices.

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