Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How to protect your business from scams

Stuart McDaniels, Materials Manager

It seems as though you can't pick up the paper or watch the news without hearing about some new form of a scam. Most business gets done either via the internet or telephone, so we see an increase in scams in both forms of communication. Remember, scammers are more experienced at scamming you than you are at defending against being scammed, so they have the upper hand.
Here are some general guidelines that can help minimize your exposure to scams when dealing with outside vendors:

  • Don't buy from new suppliers until their existence and dependability has been verified.
  • Before you buy, ask for a sample of items being offered.
  • Be sure all items or services are received to your satisfaction before you submit or pay invoices.
  • Unless you're sure with whom you're talking, don't give out any information about your business over the telephone.
  • Ask for a callback number you can verify.
Scams really are nothing new, but the methods of scamming continue to evolve. It is important to keep a healthy dose of skepticism when in new or unknown business situations. It can save the heartache and embarrassment of being a victim of the next new scam.
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