Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Next generation brings fresh perspective

Linda Darby, CEO
After coming back from the ICCFA Convention in Tampa, I have had some time to reflect a bit on the experience. Over the last few years more of the next generation of our family have joined the business. It is always enlightening to have them come to a national convention with us. It brings back so many fond memories of working shows with my father, Big Jim. If you have ever met him, you know that his is a great mentor and motivator to our family and our employees. (If you've never seen him speak, you can watch him at the 2011 Trigard Convention.)  

This year Ethan Darby (Rich's son and my nephew) had the opportunity to join us at ICCFA. You could feel his excitement surrounded by such a wide variety of vendors, listening to the speakers, and being a part of the chemistry that makes Trigard work! He has lots of great ideas. And with these ideas comes lots of questions. I love that, because it causes us to think differently.  

My family is excited to bring our next generation into the business and certainly understand the responsibility we have to be excellent mentors for them. Our promise to you, our Trigard family, is to do our very best to be the good leaders you expect us to be. Thank you for all you do to make us Trigard strong.

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