Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Annual sales review can deepen customer relationships

Jeff Miller, VP of
Business Development

As a funeral home, do you pause once a year to review your numbers (including vault sales)? As a vault dealer, are you an active part of that review? As clients we all want to know how we are doing; are we growing, are we maintaining, or are we declining? As a supplier you can provide this very important information to your clients.

It is as simple as compiling a listing of units broken down by product mix for the year. I think our vault dealers will discover that funeral homes will be very interested and appreciative when you, their supplier, take the initiative to share their results and performance.

If you are a funeral home owner or manager, you can conduct this kind of annual review as well. When you look at your product mix for the year, consider calling your dealer to discuss what you learned.

After your review, you may find that you need to adjust burial vault presentation techniques, retail price points or showroom displays. We are happy to support you through this process. Call us anytime to talk about your options. 

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