Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Get it right: every time for every family

Jeff Miller, Trigard VP of Business Development
As professionals in the death care industry (or "end of life services," as I choose to call it), we have only one chance to get it right for a family. And we must get it right for every family, every time. Like health care professionals, there are lasting consequences from our mistakes. Lawyers, accountants, builders, and most other professionals get a second or even third chance to make it right by appealing, filing for an extension or simply redoing things. 
We must work with the schedules of others, often on short notice, and perform flawlessly every time regardless of the weather or other elements beyond our control. If we don't get it right, we risk creating irreversible, painful issues for grieving families.
It is a remarkable thing to see vault dealers, funeral directors and cemeterians work together as a trusting team to help families remember, celebrate and heal after their loss.
We know getting it right doesn't happen by accident or chance. You plan, you train, and you stay focused.
All of us at Trigard salute all of our dealers that do their best every day to "get it right." This profession couldn't perform without you and your attention to the details. 
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