Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Showroom scripting: Download part 2

In part two of our three-part series, Rich Darby, Trigard Chief Operating Officer, shares more of the scripting that he uses to train funeral directors across the country. 

Missed part one? You can download it here.

Watch your inbox for part three. Next week we'll help you explain the levels of protection offered by Trigard.

Do all families understand the difference between a grave liner and a lined, sealed burial vault?

A recent story on Connecting Directors explains that when a veteran is buried at no cost, the cemetery places the casket in a graveliner, or concrete box, in the ground. This box has holes in the bottom, which allows water inside before burial and drainage after.

See the story and video posted by Connecting Directors.

Trigard was proud to be included in the Connecting Directors article as a resource for tools to educate families about the difference between a lined, sealed burial vault and a concrete box.

Our upgraded Personal Touch 2.0® vault selection software helps explain the difference between lined and unlined outer burial containers. You can preview it on our website.

What are you doing in your communities to help families make informed decisions? 

Here are some ways you can help spread the word:
  • Visit our YouTube channel to see all of the videos available to educate families.
  • Talk to the families you serve (or the funeral homes and cemeteries you serve) about the Trigard video resources available.
  • Add a short comment to the story on Connecting Directors, sharing your opinion.

Funeral service is about relationships, not products

Rich Darby, Trigard Chief Operating Officer

Recently I have been able to sit in on numerous arrangements conferences. The one thing that I continue to take away from each and every conference is that people still have deep feelings for their loved ones. Somewhere down the line those of us in funeral service have lost that connection. We have drawn wrong conclusions, and we have looked at our customers too defensively.
Today's consumer might not value funeral service like they used to, but they still want to be informed and given all the options. They need to have the ability to make their own decision and not be rushed or pushed.

If we in funeral service change our attitudes and look at each family as a new opportunity and take the time to explain all of the options available today, love will kick in. People want what is best for their loved one on their terms. It may not be the huge win you have had in the past, but it is still a win!

Funeral service is about relationships, not products. Be a strong communicator and friend to those you serve. Look at your job as "providing service." Gain value in your customers' eyes. When you go that extra mile and be a team player (not a "ME" player,) the profits will come naturally.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Showroom scripting: Download part 1

How do you explain the features and benefits of a burial vault to a family? Do you have someone on your staff who hasn't quite mastered the conversation? Rich Darby, Trigard Chief Operating Officer, has developed scripting that he uses to train funeral directors across the country. In this Trigard Tuesdays exclusive three-part series, we'll share the exact phrases that are the most effective with families.

Download part one of the series: introducing outer burial containers.

Watch your inbox for part two. Next week we'll help you discover the gentle power of the Healing Tree.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Have the talk of a lifetime

Linda Darby, Trigard Chief Executive Officer
Being a part of a national company has given me the opportunity to become involved with several national professional organizations. I am so grateful to be a member of these organizations that do so many good things for our profession.
I would like to take a moment to tell you about one of the projects that I am excited to be a part of.
The Funeral and Memorial Information Council (FAMIC), which is comprised of a variety of professional organizations that represent most every aspect of our industry, is taking a bold step in creating a national public education campaign: Have the Talk of a Lifetime.
The goal of Have the Talk of a Lifetime is to get consumers talking about what matters most in their lives and how they want to be remembered. With generous funding from Funeral Service Foundation, the campaign strives to pave the way for funeral professionals everywhere to provide more meaningful memorialization for families.
I cannot remember a time in my professional career where a campaign of this nature has been launched with such a group of key organizations working together as a team toward one common goal.
More information can be found on the FAMIC website as well as the Funeral Service Foundation website.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Get it right: every time for every family

Jeff Miller, Trigard VP of Business Development
As professionals in the death care industry (or "end of life services," as I choose to call it), we have only one chance to get it right for a family. And we must get it right for every family, every time. Like health care professionals, there are lasting consequences from our mistakes. Lawyers, accountants, builders, and most other professionals get a second or even third chance to make it right by appealing, filing for an extension or simply redoing things. 
We must work with the schedules of others, often on short notice, and perform flawlessly every time regardless of the weather or other elements beyond our control. If we don't get it right, we risk creating irreversible, painful issues for grieving families.
It is a remarkable thing to see vault dealers, funeral directors and cemeterians work together as a trusting team to help families remember, celebrate and heal after their loss.
We know getting it right doesn't happen by accident or chance. You plan, you train, and you stay focused.
All of us at Trigard salute all of our dealers that do their best every day to "get it right." This profession couldn't perform without you and your attention to the details. 
Want to be a part of our outstanding team? Call Customer Service at 800.637.1992 to learn more about becoming a Trigard Dealer.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We love your photos

We would like to extend a special thanks to Clinton Hedgepeth of Clinton's Excavation and Burial Vaults for sharing photos from a recent graveside service on our Facebook page. We love it when our dealers take time to share their stories and photos with us.

Do you have a story or photos to share? Email us at marketing@trigard.com, or post it to our Facebook page.