Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What is your mission?

Ryan Snyder, Plant Manager

A couple of years ago, at our Trigard Convention, I had the opportunity to share what I felt the mission of the Trigard manufacturing team was. That statement was as follows:

"To provide ever increasing value to all of our stakeholders, including customers, associates, suppliers, and our community. Based on core values of integrity, trust and mutual respect, we will drive continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations, striving for excellence in safety performance, innovation, manufacturing productivity, product quality, customer satisfaction, and associate development and teamwork. As a company, we willingly accept the responsibility to be good corporate citizens and will actively engage and support the communities in which we reside."

Providing increasing value to all of your stakeholders is critical for long term success and viability. This starts with understanding who your true stakeholders are (recognizing that those stakeholders include your own employees) and being open and willing to change. We cannot stay where we are today and continue to bring increasing value to those stakeholders.

So what is your mission? Have you documented it and shared it? Are you actively pursuing it? It will be the road map that leads your business to continued success.

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