Friday, November 2, 2012

Trigard dealer adds creative touch to graveside service


Our vault dealers are always looking for ways to help families remember, celebrate and heal - especially at the graveside. Sometimes that comes from a product (like the Healing Tree®), but often it's the dealer's own creativity that makes the difference.
Nick Pirro of Quality Vault and Casket Company in Leominster, Massachusetts, shared this photo of the extra touches he put on a recent graveside ceremony. The custom paint on the nameplate, along with the dove and flowers, add warmth and beauty to the outside of the vault.  
Nick Pirro went above and beyond to create a personalized tribute for this family. That's what it means to be Trigard strong.
What have you done for a graveside ceremony to add a personal touch? Email us at, and you may end up in our eNewsletter.

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