Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How hard is your showroom working?

Trigard Project Manager Blake Swinford demonstrates sales tactics with a Vault180 and Healing Tree wall display during a Trigard University class.
Trigard's customizable marketing solutions are proven to increase outer burial container sales by giving your funeral directors the necessary tools for success. Relevant product options, clear custom graphics, and necessary information work together to simplify the decision making process for the families you serve. 

At Trigard, we understand the challenges of the showroom. Informing families, respecting your funeral home's space and increasing your vault sales requires a team effort.  

Call 800.637.1992 and let our experts consult with you to design effective custom Vault180 displays for any showroom scenerio.

Already have a Vault180 system in place? Plan a trip to Trigard University and dig deeper into the science of selling the protection your families deserve.

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