Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NFDA is almost here

The 2012 NFDA Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, is just a couple weeks away. But don't worry. There's still time to download your free pit pass. Visit us at booth #1257 to learn how our customizable and effective tools and products can help you stay up to speed, and burn some virtual rubber in a full-size NASCAR® race car simulator.

The best time each day will win a pair of NASCAR tickets to any race in the country.
Click for your pit pass.

How hard is your showroom working?

Trigard Project Manager Blake Swinford demonstrates sales tactics with a Vault180 and Healing Tree wall display during a Trigard University class.
Trigard's customizable marketing solutions are proven to increase outer burial container sales by giving your funeral directors the necessary tools for success. Relevant product options, clear custom graphics, and necessary information work together to simplify the decision making process for the families you serve. 

At Trigard, we understand the challenges of the showroom. Informing families, respecting your funeral home's space and increasing your vault sales requires a team effort.  

Call 800.637.1992 and let our experts consult with you to design effective custom Vault180 displays for any showroom scenerio.

Already have a Vault180 system in place? Plan a trip to Trigard University and dig deeper into the science of selling the protection your families deserve.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Iowa Concrete honors a fallen hero

Our friends at Iowa concrete recently had the privilege of helping celebrate the life of a man that was a retired fireman and Army veteran. The graveside service included two flag poles, to show his dedication to both the Army and fire department, and some of his equipment from his time as a fireman.

We extend a special thanks to Mike and the rest of the staff at Iowa Concrete for going the extra mile and making this service so special for this family.

At Trigard, we are always ready to assist our network of dealers as they honor our fallen heroes. To learn more about the services we provide, call customer service at 800.637.1992.  

Monday, September 17, 2012

Let us help you design something unique

Julia Sullivan, Creative Director

As Creative Director, I hear a lot about what other vault companies offer. And it's great. Our dealers let me know how we stack up, good and bad. What's great about that is it helps me and my team develop tools and products that are even better.

Our appliqués are a great example. Our image library (always available at www.trigard.com/Applique.html) has a good assortment of stock images. But between you and me, they're just that: good. Not great. 

But that's by design! Our design team chose images that are lovely on their own, but are at their best when they serve as backdrops for a family's cherished photographs. A picture of vibrant, yellow tulips or a mallard in flight (two of our images) transform into something special when we add a name and dates for a family. But nothing matches the power of seeing a vault decorated with family photos on a custom appliqué.

But what if you don't think you're a creative person? What if you can't imagine what a custom appliqué would look like? Just relax! That's my team's job!

All you need to do is gather a few photos from the family, scan them at a high resolution, and send them to us with the name and dates. Our creative team will make something amazing for you. And you'll get to share it with the family before we print it.

The next time you have a family who needs something really unique, call 800.637.1992 and talk to us about a custom appliqué.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Aegean disinterment video

We placed an empty casket in a white marble Aegean® burial vault. The lined, sealed burial vault was placed into a grave in Washington Park East Cemetery in Indianapolis. The grave was dug, prepared and backfilled like any other grave in the cemetery. Here's what we found when we disinterred the vault. It's a great illustration of the function of a lined, sealed burial vault.

5 percent or 30 percent?

Stuart McDaniels, Materials Manager

Which do you think is easier to do, reduce your costs by 5 percent or grow your sales by 30 percent?
Recently I was told by a respected colleague of mine, who just happens to be a C.P.A., that a 5 percent reduction in costs equated to a 30 percent increase in sales for the average business.  

Think of it this way: If your current profit margin is 5 percent and you reduce costs by 5 percent your profit doubles!

What would you have to do to increase your sales dollars by 30 percent? Hire more sales and support staff? Work more hours? Expand your market?

Now think about what you could do to lower your costs by 5 percent without sacrificing quality. You could implement a green/sustainability plan (energy efficiency, water efficiency, recycling, waste reduction, maintenance, etc.), pay invoices early in exchange for a discount, or manage your inventory to avoid purchasing what you don't need. I'm sure you will agree there are many more ways, and none of them are as daunting as thinking up new strategies to grow sales by 30 percent.

As a Trigard customer, we want you to succeed. We care about costs because we know you do. You benefit from our cost reduction efforts just as we do from our suppliers' efforts. When we work efficiently we all become stronger.

Here's your chance to burn some rubber

At Trigard, innovation and customer-focus make us one of the industries leading experts. Visit us at booth #1257 at the 2012 NFDA Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina to learn how our customizable and effective tools and products can help you stay up to speed, and burn some virtual rubber in a full-size NASCAR® race car simulator.

The best time each day will win a pair of NASCAR tickets to any race in the country.

Click for your pit pass and free NFDA expo pass. Expo pass requests must be sent to NFDA by Sept. 4 (no exceptions).

Hecox-Goodwin installs new Vault180 UrnVault180 wall displays

Our friends at Hecox-Goodwin recently installed new custom Vault180 wall displays at McAlister-Smith Funeral Home. The new displays look great in their showroom.

Do you need help finding the right display solution for your showroom? Our marketing team can help you customize a wall display to work with the space you already have. Call Customer Service at 800.637.1992 to learn more.

Staying on top of change

Ryan Synder, Trigard Plant Manager
For many people, change is a word that brings on much worry and stress. But change is necessary for survival. So how do we stay flexible in this changing environment? Through continuous improvement and innovation.
Continuous improvement is not a themed item for a monthly or quarterly initiative. It is a long-term commitment to addressing necessary changes in an effort to bring about improved products, services and processes. As Trigard's plant manager, I see how our team is focused on continuously improving our products and processes to bring more value to the families you serve.
In the plant, the continuous improvement tool we use the most is the Deming PDCA Cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act). We identify an area where change is needed, plan for that change, implement the change, and review (check) the effectiveness of that change. If the change is successful we implement it on a wider scale or look for another area where change is needed. Then we start the cycle again. This process keeps us looking for ways to gain efficiencies, keep costs down and provide better value to you.
Innovation is the creation of better or more effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas. This, in my mind, is where the rubber meets the road as it pertains to change. We are constantly looking for ways to improve current products, develop new products and serve our customers. That is what sets us apart from our competition.