Monday, August 29, 2011

Your perfect salesman may be hiding in your facility

The new Vaults Product
Guide was designed for dealers t
o explain Trigard products and
services to their customers.
Jeff Miller, VP Business Development, reminded Trigard dealers at Trigard Convention that their best salesperson might be hiding somewhere else in their business. It might be a customer service person, someone in the shop, or a family member. He stressed that what's important is finding someone who is knowledgeable about the product, passionate about the industry and strong when building business relationships.

Jeff unveiled a new tool to help Trigard dealers present the full line of vaults and marketing tools to funeral homes and cemeteries. It is printed on glossy, heavyweight paper and is big enough to be hole punched for a binder.

It begins with the importance of a lined, sealed burial vault. Using pictures bigger than most of our other literature, it walks through the entire line of products, including the Healing Tree® and Serenity® casket vaults. Full pages are dedicated to marketing tools and the story of the Darby family.

Trigard dealers can order the new Vault Product Guide by calling 800.637.1992. A Cremation Product Guide is being developed as well.

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