Monday, August 29, 2011

Trigard Convention recap 5/5: The Trigard brand promise

Linda Darby-Sempsrott, Chief Executive Officer, opened 2011 Trigard Convention by talking about the Trigard brand promise.

She explained that everything we do, marketing, customer service, sales, manufacturing, graveside services, supports the Trigard name. As the Trigard family, we make promises to our industry, to dealers, to funeral homes and to the families we serve. When anyone interacts with Trigard, we are making a promise. And that is our brand promise.

Linda, along with Julia Sullivan, creative director, explained that the Trigard brand promise has three parts:
  • Trigard is strong - both our vaults and our network of dealers
  • Trigard creates products families need
  • Trigard innovates to serve families better
So how do you help support the Trigard brand promise as a dealer, funeral home or cemetery? You're already doing your part by staying connected through this newsletter.

Linda also encouraged dealers to attend conventions, bring funeral directors to Trigard University, and, most importantly, to continue giving families outstanding service.

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