Monday, August 29, 2011

Trigard Convention recap 5/5: The Trigard brand promise

Linda Darby-Sempsrott, Chief Executive Officer, opened 2011 Trigard Convention by talking about the Trigard brand promise.

She explained that everything we do, marketing, customer service, sales, manufacturing, graveside services, supports the Trigard name. As the Trigard family, we make promises to our industry, to dealers, to funeral homes and to the families we serve. When anyone interacts with Trigard, we are making a promise. And that is our brand promise.

Linda, along with Julia Sullivan, creative director, explained that the Trigard brand promise has three parts:
  • Trigard is strong - both our vaults and our network of dealers
  • Trigard creates products families need
  • Trigard innovates to serve families better
So how do you help support the Trigard brand promise as a dealer, funeral home or cemetery? You're already doing your part by staying connected through this newsletter.

Linda also encouraged dealers to attend conventions, bring funeral directors to Trigard University, and, most importantly, to continue giving families outstanding service.

Your perfect salesman may be hiding in your facility

The new Vaults Product
Guide was designed for dealers t
o explain Trigard products and
services to their customers.
Jeff Miller, VP Business Development, reminded Trigard dealers at Trigard Convention that their best salesperson might be hiding somewhere else in their business. It might be a customer service person, someone in the shop, or a family member. He stressed that what's important is finding someone who is knowledgeable about the product, passionate about the industry and strong when building business relationships.

Jeff unveiled a new tool to help Trigard dealers present the full line of vaults and marketing tools to funeral homes and cemeteries. It is printed on glossy, heavyweight paper and is big enough to be hole punched for a binder.

It begins with the importance of a lined, sealed burial vault. Using pictures bigger than most of our other literature, it walks through the entire line of products, including the Healing Tree® and Serenity® casket vaults. Full pages are dedicated to marketing tools and the story of the Darby family.

Trigard dealers can order the new Vault Product Guide by calling 800.637.1992. A Cremation Product Guide is being developed as well.

Trigard Convention recap 4/5: NCBVA Update

Tom Monahan, CAE, NCBVA
Executive Director, provided
many resources to dealers at the
2011 Trigard Convention.
Trigard welcomed Tom Monahan, CAE, NCBVA Executive Director, to the 2011 Trigard Convention to share information with the more than 80 dealers and vendors present.

He discussed many of the projects NCBVA has organized, all focused on boosting the success of burial vault dealers. The list included administering the recent NCBVA survey, creating an industry employment database, and providing merchant credit card processing.

In 2012, the NCBVA convention is being held in conjunction with the World of Concrete. Tom emphasized that the WOC convention is a great opportunity for dealers looking to diversify. Registration forms are available online.

For more information about the many ways NCBVA can support your burial vault company, visit

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trigard Convention recap 3/5: Darby family looks into the future

Rich Darby emphasized that
our strong future will be built on
creating experiences for families.
"Our Strong Future" was on everyone's mind during the 2011 Trigard Convention. The Darby family shared what that future hold for Trigard.
Rich Darby, Chief Operating Officer, spoke about the importance of creating experiences for families. "It's not just about the boxes," he emphasized. "We have to create something that families will connect to and remember."

Case in point? The success Trigard dealers have seen with the Healing Tree burial vault. Not only does it add graveside value, but it helps families begin to heal.
Donna Walthall (third from left)
introduces the next generation
of the Darby family. Trigard is
proud to be family-owned and operated.
Donna Walthall, Chief Financial Officer, talked about another part of the Trigard's future: the next generation of the Darby family.

She introduced her daughter, Lindsey Murphy, and son-in-law Jason Murphy, Rich's sons Ethan Darby and Ross Darby, and Linda's step-daughter, Megan Sempsrott. All five are working in the family business and are proud to be a part of Trigard's future.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Trigard Convention recap 2/5: Trigard awards first Healing Tree certificates

Rich Darby certifies a group at the 2011 Trigard Convention.
During the 2011 Trigard Convention, we began offering Healing Tree certification. We want to ensure families receive the same Celebration of Life ceremony no matter where they are, so we created the certification program for the Healing Tree burial vault and urn vault.

How do you get certified? Come visit the Trigard booth at the NFDA/CANA Convention later this year or make plans to attend Trigard University.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trigard Convention recap 1/5: Closing session with "Big Jim" Darby

The best way to share this session with you is to let "Big Jim" do the talking. Head over to our YouTube channel to watch a clip of his powerful, captivating and motivating presentation.

What does our strong future look like?

The message was clear at Trigard Convention: we have a strong future when we work together.

More than 80 Trigard dealers and vendors gathered in Danville, Illinois, to learn, share ideas and dig deeper into our strong future.

No topic was kept off of the table, but discussions were positive and forward-thinking. It was exciting for us at Trigard to watch our dealers motivate each other, freely give away tools that have worked for them and get excited about building even stronger relationships.

Thank you to everyone who made the trip to Danville. We loved having you here!