Friday, December 18, 2009

Personal Touch™ program removes intimidation factor from vault selection process

Danville, IL - Trigard is proud to announce the launch of their new Personal Touch™ program. Trigard introduced the program at the 2009 National Funeral Directors Association convention in Boston.

The Personal Touch™ program is available on an exclusive touch screen kiosk to help families select a personalized burial vault based on characteristics of a loved one. The program can be customized for each individual funeral home and can also be downloaded on to a laptop or desktop computer. “Many people are not informed about what a vault is and why they need one. It is our job to educate them. The Personal Touch™ program will help get that important information out to the families we serve,” said Linda-Darby Sempsrott, Chief Executive Officer.

The Personal Touch™ program provides personalization by having the choice of adding with honors option or an appliqué. Seeing the personalized vault is what sets this program above the rest. It makes it easy for families to visualize the vault because it is right in front of them.

Angel Jett, Marketing and Graphic Design Specialist and co-developer of the Personal Touch software said, “When I see the burial vault options come to life on screen, I realize more and more how vital this process will be to a family and to funeral directors. The selection process can feel overwhelming to a grieving family. Instead of making decisions based on urgency and cost, this program guides families through the process and focuses on what makes a loved one unique.”

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